Get Your Secret Linkedin Information

Linkedin recently added the ability for you to download your Linkedin data which contains a huge pile of data that you can’t access any other way. It’s interesting to see and you can [...]


How to Automate Your Social Media

Automation of social media sometimes gets a bad rap. In an ideal world, you would do next to no automation but sometimes life gets in the way. This is especially true for small businesses where [...]


The Science of Instagram

Here’s a great infographic on Instagram that’s based on a study of over 1 million photos to see what really works. Some of the key takeaways are: More Tags is better – [...]


Ultimate Social Media Image Cheat Sheet

This is a an extensive social media image cheat sheet that covers: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Linkedin, and Vimeo. Try [...]


12 Steps To Social Media Success

Here’s a great infographic on the 12 Steps To Social Media Success. Below the infographic are a few of my quick tips on each subject.


10 Social Media Jokes by Famous Comedians

Sometimes Social Media can be a bit wacky, especially when it’s part of your job. Here are 10 great social media jokes to make you laugh: “A new study found that more than 11 million people [...]


Want Press? Develop Your Social Following!

So a while ago a reporter emailed me for a quote for a story he was working on.  He recently sent me another email asking for another quote on a different story. After we finished speaking, I [...]


Become a Twitter Search Ninja

Did you know that Twitter search is much more powerful than you are using it today. There are actually tons of different ways to get information from Twitter than you probably realize. There are [...]


10 LinkedIn Tips You’ll Wish You Learned Sooner

It seems like LinkedIn is morphing on a daily basis. In the last year, it has been the social network that has undergone the most change (yes, even more than Twitter, I believe). To get the most [...]

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