Become a Twitter Search Ninja

Did you know that Twitter search is much more powerful than you are using it today. There are actually tons of different ways to get information from Twitter than you probably realize. There are two main methods for using Twitter search like a Twitter Search Ninja.

Advanced Search

  • After you do an initial search on Twitter in the top right search box, you’ll be taken to your results page.
  • At the results page you can select “Advanced Search”
  • This will now take you to the Twitter Advanced Search engine where you have more power when conducting your searches. You have many options including; different version of text search, location, date range, language, hashtag and more.

The Power of Twitter Search Operators

Twitter search is more powerful once you know a few basic search operators you can quickly use. Many are similar to what you could do in a Google search but some are unique to Twitter.

Operator Finds tweets…
Ninja Sword containing both “Ninja” and “Sword”. This is the default operator.
“Throwing Star” containing the exact phrase “Throwing Star”.
Ninja OR Pirate containing either “Ninja” or “Pirate” (or both).
Ninja -Blender containing “Ninja” but not “Blender”.
#shinobi containing the hashtag “shinobi”.
from: ninjawarrior sent from person “ninjawarrior”.
to:vanillaice sent to person “vanillaice”.
@clumsygame referencing person “clumsygame”.
“Ninja Skills” near:”san francisco” containing the exact phrase “happy hour” and sent near “san francisco”.
near:Miami within:15mi sent within 15 miles of “Miami”.
Beverly Hills since:2011-12-25 containing “Beverly Hills” and sent since date “2011-12-25” (year-month-day).
Turtles until:2011-12-25 containing “Turtles” and sent up to date “2011-12-25”.
kawasaki -guy:) containing “kawasaki”, but not “guy”, and with a positive attitude.
Zombie 🙁 containing “Zombie” and with a negative attitude.
Mortal Kombat ? containing “Mortal Kombat” and asking a question.
Katana filter:links containing “Katana” and linking to URLs.
Power Rangers source:twitterfeed containing “Power Rangers” and entered via TwitterFeed


I’m not expecting you to remember all the search operators but just knowing they exist will help you when the time comes when you really need them. Things like knowing that Twitter can do a location search can do wonders when your searching for brand advocates or bloggers.

I hope this Twitter Search primer helps you become a master ninja!


Image: Seth Werkheiser

  • Rosemary Smith

    I applied the information contained in this article, and found it much easier to find specific information quickly on Twitter. Great article. Well done and thanks.

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