Pinterest Marketing Mastery

I’m always amazed at how much traffic you can get from Pinterest. It’s one of the best traffic sources for e-commerce sites, if you’re in e-commerce and you don’t have a Pinterest marketing strategy, the time to start was yesterday! The really amazing thing about Pinterest is that it also works for other categories. Just a few weeks ago, I posted a blog post that got more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook & Linkedin combined.  It’s not typically something you would expect from Pinterest, but it can work for any kind of business or website.

Here’s a great infographic on Pinterest marketing that will help you master it quickly:


Source: gryffin

  • Brent Jones

    Pinterest is amazing…!

    And it seems that everywhere I look, I find new and compelling reasons to take it seriously. Although I manage Pinterest accounts for clients, I have done nothing with it to grow my own audience. Need to get on that!

    By the way – amazing infographic Rick!

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