16 Instagram Tips for Business

Instagram is a powerful branding tool for businesses of all types. This mobile social media platform has been having a huge growth of users lately and has surpassed 200 Million users making it presently the fastest growing network. Some businesses have a hard time initially with Instagram but with these Instagram tips for businesses, you’re sure to grow your brand while avoiding any pitfalls.

  1. Make your profile public – If you’re trying to use Instagram for business, your profile better be set to being PUBLIC. I knew one woman with a small business that changed her personal Instagram account to her business account and didn’t understand why she wasn’t seeing results. She has initially set her account to private and forgot. Make sure everything is public.
  2. Make the most of your bio – Your bio is one of the most important elements on Instagram if you are going to use it for business. Use a consistent image for your picture that matches others you’ve used on social media. If possible, use the same username as you do on Twitter and Facebook. This will make you easier to find, tag and mention.
  3. Bio URL – The URL in your bio is the ONLY outbound link possible on Instagram, so make sure you are making the most of it. One thing to remember is that you can change it as frequently as you’d like, so do so as needed. You can make it go to your homepage, blog, landing page and more.
  4. Blend videos with your photos – Most companies never post videos, they might get a bit less engagement (photos are 1.5X more) but they tend to have a greater brand impact. Only 6% of brands post videos, I say stand out from the pack. Don’t be a stat chaser and post some videos!
  5. Remember to use #hashtags – Hashtags are the best way to be discovered by new users, make sure to use them. Unlike Twitter, people tend to use more hashtags on Instagram. My rule of thumb is to use as many relevant hashtags as you’d like but don’t go crazy (over 7 and you’re starting to look spammy.) Relevancy is the key when using hashtags, don’t just newsjack hashtags.
  6. Variety is the spice of life – You ever meet someone that only talks about themselves? Chances are if they’re your friends, they might not stay that way for long. Same thing goes for social media. Talk about topical events, share other people’s posts, mix things up. Remember to try and entertain people first. Don’t ever be too promotional.
  7. Take better photos & use less filters – There are some basic rules to photography you can follow for better pictures. Think about your composition for a few seconds before you take a shot. Try and avoid leaning on filters every time to correct bad photographs. I like filters just don’t overdo it.
  8. Respond to comments – If someone takes the time out of their day to interact with you, respond accordingly. Thank them for any praise and answer any questions they might have. Remember, social media is about engaging with others and establishing relationships.
  9. Follow your followers back – Everyone likes to grow their following, try and follow back your new followers; this goes especially for when you feel that they are a good fit for you.
  10. Showcase your employees – People love to get a behind the scene look from companies. It’s also a great way to show appreciation for your workers. If it’s someone’s birthday and they are blowing out candles, post it on Instagram.
  11. Feature Instagram channel on Facebook – Did you know Facebook provides a way to feature your Instagram photos on your page? Just click here to add a tab to your Facebook page.
  12. Show appreciation to your followers – If your followers take a great picture of your product or service, ask them if you would be allowed to share it. Give them a little shout out and share their picture on Instagram or even your other social channels.
  13. Embed photos on your website – Instagram now allows you to embed photos from both your fans and your own account. This is another way to show your application to people.
  14. Show your brands story – Try and convey a true sense of your brand to your followers. If your company has a long history, look to the past for inspiration. Get creative and be authentic.
  15. Work with other brands – Even if you’re a local nail boutique, you can reach out to other brands (you don’t need to be a multinational.) Try your vendors that supply your nail polish, if you do work for a local events company reach out to them. Cross marketing is free and helps everyone involved.
  16. Ask questions – Questions always have the highest engagement. Interact with your customers within your comments section by asking them questions such as, how they use your products. Ask questions about their lifestyles to engage with them!

Instagram is a great social media platform for brands. Using some of these tips will sure to grow and improve your exposure.

Do you have any tips of your own? Post them below

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  • Rosemary Smith

    Wow, great content here. A very useful and comprehensive list of tips on using Instagram. Thanks heaps

  • Boris Lively

    Hi Rick! These are sound advises, i couldn’t agree more with all of them. As my tip i’d like to suggest usage of different app enhancing overall experience. For example fast-unfollow.com is amazing for the start, it allows to unfollow up to 5000 users not following you back in just one day. A welcome gift of 1000 free unfollows is also a nice touch. For a more experienced user statistical apps such iconosquare may come in handy. And of course verybody should use editing apps such VSCO to improve the pictures themselves. And the last but not the least, don’t forget about the contests, they are very engaging.

  • Simon Ostrovsky

    Thank you for these tips Rick. I’m glad to follow your organic way. Btw, сan you recommend something worthwhile, effective, and high-efficiency like Zengram? As for me, third party apps play a big role in a promotion.

    • Rick Ramos

      Hey Simon,

      Services like Zengram and Instagress can be used if you don’t care about your feed. It will follow a ton of random people and your feed will be totally useless. I would also be careful about using their comment and like feature. It can get creepy pretty fast!

      Just imagine liking or commenting on a 12 year old’s photo or one of these photos on behalf of yourself or a brand:

      These tools are ok to jump start an account if used in moderation, just don’t use them as your only growth strategy.
      High quality content always wins in the long run!

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