How to Automate Your Social Media

Automation of social media sometimes gets a bad rap. In an ideal world, you would do next to no automation but sometimes life gets in the way. This is especially true for small businesses where we must wear many hats and can’t afford a team of social media managers.

I think this infographic provides good recommendations on how to automate your social media but I’ll add a few comments and suggestions:

  • I use Flipboard, RSS feeds by Feedly and BuzzSumo to find great content
  • Use to figure out your ideal post Twitter posting times.
  • Quotes gets a lot of retweets and likes but ask yourself, are they helping my content marketing and social initiates? Don’t go crazy
  • Customer Interactions – remember the faster you respond the better, your competition is listening to the same conversation.
  • I had a chance to visit the team from EveryPost the other day. Their upcoming web version is looking innovative.


Those are our tips, got any to share? Add them to the comments below.

SOURCE: insuranceoctopus

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  • Wanda

    I am going to use your ideas above for my own articles. Just getting started.

    • Rick Ramos

      Good luck Wanda, if you have any questions… just ask!

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