Want Press? Develop Your Social Following!

So a while ago a reporter emailed me for a quote for a story he was working on.  He recently sent me another email asking for another quote on a different story. After we finished speaking, I asked him to make sure that he let me know when the story went live. He started chuckling a bit and confided in me that one of the reasons he was asking me for another quote was because I shared the last article on social media. Through my social media networks they received substantial traffic. His boss realized something was up with the story when they got a huge spike in Google Plus traffic (my strongest social network).

It’s not hard to understand the publishers motivation nor my own.  This is a win-win situation for both parties, I get a bit of exposure and the publisher gets traffic. This is one of the reasons that I advise every company to develop their social media following; it has a direct relationship with public relations.

I’m not saying that just having a large social media following will get you more PR but if a reporter has two similar quotes from different people, it could be an easy deciding factor for them. Building a company’s brand awareness is a combination of efforts that at times don’t always seem connected day-to-day. Just remember, they are all interconnected in the eyes of your consumers and the world.


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