Get Penny Twitter Followers Directly From Twitter (No, Really!)

I almost didn’t want to write this article. I’m hoping I don’t ruin a good thing that I’ve been running for half a year, but I want to share this with you because I’m hoping that it will help you out.

I have a secret; I’ve been buying Twitter followers for one penny through It sounds amazing—almost unbelievable—but it’s true.

Twitter is one of the few advertising companies that have a one-penny starting bid price. This allows you to start your bidding extremely low compared to other social media sites. Now, volume will be low, but you can’t complain too much because you’re only paying a penny.

As I said, I’ve been running this for almost half a year and gotten a few hundred followers. This isn’t going to change my Twitter following drastically, but for the price, why not run a campaign?

I’ve been a little hesitant to write this article because I thought that if a bunch of people started campaigns overnight, Twitter might raise prices. I can’t tell you how long this trick will last, but for now I encourage you to try it out.

To begin, visit and log into your account.

  1. Hit the “Create New Campaign” button.
  2. Select the “Gain More Followers” campaign type and hit the “New Promoted Account Campaign” button.
  3. At this point, you will be taken to the main campaign creation screen.  It’s actually pretty easy to understand, but I’ll go over a few tips.
  4. I suggest you leave the default on “Start Immediately, Run Continuously.” This means your campaign will run until either you stop it manually or your budget limit is reached. Since you’re only going to be paying a penny per follower, just set it and forget it.
  5. Under the targeting section, select “Interests and Followers.”
  6. You’ll have a few choices for targeting; what you select is dependent on what kind of users you want to target. You can either target user names or broad category selections. Since the price is right, you might want to target a larger audience than you might otherwise do on other platforms.
  7. I do limit my target by location. I mostly work with companies in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, so I limit my reach to those markets. If you have a more limited target, I would bring down your reach here.
  8. For the budget section, I would not add a total budget. I suggest setting your daily maximum budget to something like $10, but generally you will not spend anything near that.
  9. Now the important part: Set the “Enter the maximum amount you are willing to spend per follow” to $.01 (NOTE: Don’t enter “1” in the box like a buddy of mine did by accident or you’ll be sorry).
  10.  Twitter will say “Warning: Your ads are unlikely to run because your bid is lower than other competing advertisers.” Don’t worry about that. Yes, you will not see much volume, but whatever, you’ll get a few new followers for only a penny each.

Well, that about covers it! This isn’t a game changer or some trick that will bring you millions of followers, but it will bring a few fresh new users to your account. This approach is more of a leaky faucet that drips out a few users at a time than a fire hose, but it has worked for me over the last year.  Hopefully, it will work for you too.

If you aren’t already following me on Twitter, check out my page at:


UPDATE – It’s been 7 months since I wrote this article and I figured I would fully disclose a screenshot on how my campaign is doing. After I came out with this article, I bumped up my bid to $.02 cents since I figured I might have some more competition from people following my example. Here’s a screenshot of my campaign performance over the last 500+ days.

As you can see I got over 600 followers in the last 500+ days for under $10. I know this isn’t going to make a huge difference in my follower count but its a nice addition all for the price of an inexpensive lunch.


  • Ron Callari

    Thanks Rick – sounds great for building niche groups.

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