Outbound Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is when you get your marketing message across by buying someone’s attention. This includes, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, search engine marketing, telemarketing ( or cold-calling) and traditional advertising. Outbound is also called “Interruption marketing,” because your potential customer is doing something else when they are interrupted with your message.

Inbound marketing takes a completely different approach. This marketing technique offers things of value to your potential customer and usually educates them on your industry or product. This brings people to your website to consume things like blog posts, podcasts, videos, free eBooks (like my free eBook), whitepapers and more.

Both techniques work but inbound marketing usually has a lower cost per lead or sale. Most companies I work with do a blend of both techniques to build awareness, educate and increase sales. Sometimes you’ll see “experts” preaching about inbound so much and try and convince you that there isn’t any value in outbound techniques anymore. I believe this to be total B.S.!

Just check these ads for a Google search for “marketing automation.”

How about we do a search for “inbound marketing”

See, even companies like Marketo, Infusionsoft and Pardot still believe in some outbound marketing.

Even the posterchild of inbound marketing Hubspot buys ads on Outbrain to distribute their content (a very smart idea if you aren’t already doing it.)

Inbound marketing works, it’s a great strategy. Just remember that outbound marketing still works as well and been perfected over the last 100 years. When you’re coming up with a marketing strategy, you’ll want to do a blend of the two. Remember, always test new placements, creatives and strategies. Don’t be afraid of doing something different!

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