UA-43435119-1 An Interview With John Dietrich From

An Interview With John Dietrich From

An Interview With John Dietrich From

I’ve known John for a little while through the Google Plus community. One of the great things about Google Plus is that it’s a great platform to meet people and have discussions about different topics. After a few interactions, I checked out his website, and was impressed by the content and its sole focus on Google Plus. I invited him to jump on a call to discuss why he started GPlusGeek and see what else he has going on.

So, why did he start GPlusGeek?

He started the website about a year ago because he wanted to create a resource for beginners that were new to Google Plus. The main focus of the site is to share tips and tricks on using the platform. Google Plus can be a little tricky for new users and their goal is to help these new users get over the learning curve to become power users.

Why focus on Google Plus?

He’s a huge fan of Google Plus—it was the first social platform that he became active on. He told me that he now uses other platforms, but Google Plus is still his main focus. He’s made a lot of great friends on the platform, and it’s actually allowed him to leave his full-time job to work for himself. He calls himself a “Solopreneur.”

He has gotten ALL of his present clients on Google Plus and does project management and website development work for a few interactive agencies. He is also the voice of on Google Plus, managing their brand page and private community. He met the company owner on Google Plus and quickly convinced him to become a client.

What’s your strategy for developing relationships on Google Plus?

He’s now a big fan of using NOD3X (obviously) to help him grow his network. He broke down his approach in a few simple steps that anyone can use:

  1. Identify the influencers in his target audience – He uses NOD3X for this, but you could use a wide variety of tools to do the same thing.
  2. Add influencers to a notification circle – He uses the power of Google Plus circles to segment his target influencers and make it easy to view their posts.
  3. Interact – He will then start to interact with these key influencers, sharing their content, making comments, and interacting directly with them.

One of the things that initially surprised him was how open even well-known people were to interact with him on Google Plus. He says many of these relationships “happened organically” and have helped enrich his life both professionally and personally.

Anything else cooking?

He mentioned a secret project he’s been working on with a bunch of Google Plus friends that they are tentatively calling “PlusCon.” The idea started with the notion of meeting up with a few of his online friends in person, but somehow the concept grew. They are in the process of getting sponsors for the event, developing a mobile app, and signing up speakers. He mentioned that they have signed up a “BIG” keynote speaker already but aren’t ready to announce anything. The plans so far are to have the event in San Francisco, but stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.



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