5 Free Content Promotional Sites

Whether you’re new to blogging or been doing it for years, you might not know that there are a bunch of directories that track, distribute, and promote, blog content for free. For some, you register once and submit your RSS feed and they will automatically pull your latest content, while others require that you automatically upload each new URL on your website. Even the largest blogs on the planet can benefit from submitting to these directories, so there is absolutely nothing to lose.

http://technorati.com With an Alexa rank of 1,500, Technorati is one of the largest aggregators of blog content on the Internet. To submit your blog, you first need to setup an account, then just add your blog to your profile page. Technorati takes RSS feeds, so your fresh blog content will always be pulled in automatically.

http://www.blogarama.com This site is Alexa ranked in the top 20,000 and has both free, and paid, service. You are automatically added to an email list when you sign up, but you can opt-out at anytime.

http://www.feedly.com/publishers.html Feedly has exploded in size as the leading alternative for Google reader since the closure of that product in early 2013. Feedly allows you to submit your site into its directory, but it prefers larger publishers.

http://www.stumbleupon.com StumbleUpon was once owned by eBay and can be a huge source of traffic for your blog. Each new piece of content must be submitted to the service and gets voted on by the StubleUpon community. Popular posts get shown more often over time, and lower quality content disappears. To encourage people to vote on your content, you can add a StumbleUpon button to your site. WordPress users have an easy plugin that they can use.

http://digg.com Digg is very similar to StumbleUpon. It’s a community-based system that votes on your content. If your content clicks with its audience, it could appear on the homepage of Digg for a short time and you’ll have a huge spike in traffic for a short period of time.

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  • Manpreet

    I have been using stumbleupon and digg from a long time now. They are good. I prefer stumbleupon but many people consider that stumbleupon doesn’t give you quality traffic. What do you think about that?
    I am also considering using the above three you mentioned. Thanks 🙂

  • Rick Ramos

    I use both StumbleUpon and Digg and think both are great. I prefer StumbleUpon as well and think the traffic quality could be quite good at times for what it is. You can’t compare it to search or other traffic that is pre-qualified to some extent.

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