UA-43435119-1 Top Beers on Facebook

Top Beers on Facebook

Top Beers on Facebook

The beer industry is one of the largest spenders using traditional media. Just watch SuperBowl Sunday in any given year and see your television screen awash with commercial after commercial showcasing beer. One of the interesting things I’ve discovered is how people identify with beer brands on social media versus the number of sales they do for a given year.

Some of this has to do with some beers being aspirational brands, like Heineken. Other beers, like Busch Light, sell well because quite frankly they are cheap. These brands seem to have a tough time getting their customers to interact with them.

Regardless of the brand, some run their pages like a case study of what you should do in social media. While others seem to be missing the mark and not truly engaging with their fans.  Check out these stats below:

Top Selling Beers in America

  1. Bud Light
  2. Coors Light
  3. Budweiser
  4. Miller Lite
  5. Natural Light
  6. Corona Extra
  7. Busch Light
  8. Busch
  9. Michelob Ultra Light
  10. Heineken

Source: InfoScan Review

Top Beers on Facebook

Heineken 14,801,572 likes
Budweiser – 10,959,115 LIKES
Bud Light 6,664,472 LIKES
Corona 4,358,965 likes
Coors Light 3,008,357 likes
Miller Lite 1,791,583
Michelob Ultra 761,733 likes
Natural Light 216,385 likes
Busch Light 32,130 likes

BONUS: I had to include a look at “The Most Interesting Beer in Social Media.” It might not make the top 10 in sales but their brilliant marketing campaign make them #6 on Facebook. Dos Equis 2,738,045 likes

Bonus II: The favorite beer of NYC hipsters scores a decent showing with 300k likes but it seems like some of their posts don’t resonate with their fans and get as little as 5 likes. Pabst Blue Ribbon 305,151 likes

What is your favorite beer? Do you engage with them on social media? Comment below!


1 Comment

  1. Detlev Artelt 3 years ago

    As a Belgian, I prefer the great local beers like with 132.000 LIKE or with 153.000 LIKE. A special tip to all people in the Bay Area is Woodfour with just 1.000 LIKE as they started just this year.

    Greetz and Prost

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