60 Seconds on the Internet – Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Apple, YouTube and more – INFOGRAPHIC

The amount of data created every minute on the Internet is staggering. You might not think about it much when you’re uploading a photo to Facebook or streaming a movie from Netflix but all this data has to be stored, moved and streamed from somewhere. Domo came out with an amazing infographic that really show how much data is being created every minute.

It’s pretty amazing data; did you know Facebook has to process over 4 million likes every minute. Skype has to process over 100,000 calls at the same time. Vine serves over 1,000,000 videos!  The data is pretty mind-boggling especially when I think back at the first server I owned on the Internet in 1995 only had 512MB.



Source: https://www.domo.com/blog/2015/08/data-never-sleeps-3-0/

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  • Matt Banner

    Hi Rick!

    Wow, that’s pretty crazy when you think about it.

    Netflix subscribers stream more than 77,000 hours of video every minute? Mind boggling.

    My biggest takeaway from this infographic is how real the opportunity is that we have as bloggers. Data never sleeps, and neither do our internet users.

    By creating effective landing pages and sales funnels, we can create steady, residual streams of income. After all, the internet never sleeps, either. There is always traffic to be had!

    Big eye-opener here. Thanks Rick!


  • Rick Ramos

    Glad you got a good take away

  • deep

    hey Rick Ramos this is awesome article

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