The Science of Instagram

Here’s an great infographic on Instagram that’s based on a study of over 1 million photos to see what really works. Some of the key takeaways are:

  • More Tags is better – It’s the one social site that I think you’re allowed to go a little tag crazy
  • No filter is best – Take your time on photo composition and less time trying to “fix” it with filters
  • Add a call-to-action – Yes they work… even on Instagram
  • Desaturated photos get more likes – This one is a surprise to me and one I’m personally going to test out
  • Photos with faces get more likes – I’ve seen this in tons of other studies so it’s no surprise
  • Busier photos get more likes – Another surprise here for me as I like simple composition
  • Cooler color palettes get more likes – tough to implement but good to know
  • Crank up the brightness – Something I’ve always done and good to see it helps

If you want more tips on Instagram, check out 16 Instagram Tips for Business




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