What does Google know about me?

Google is a massive company, they are the number one website both in the US and around the globe according to Alexa.com. They have a market cap of $158 billion dollars!  Google is estimated to run over one million computer servers around the world and processes over one billion search requests. Many people assume that Google is a massive technology company but that’s only partly true. A whopping 96 percent of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. This really makes Google an advertising company over a technology company.  All those technology initiatives serve to support their advertising platform, Adwords.

Google collects a lot of user data to support Adwords. One question a lot of people want to know when hearing about how much data collects is: “What does Google know about me?”  Here’s a great infographic that explains how Google collects data.


Source: Conosco.com

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  • Keith Johnson

    Excellent article Rick. Thanks for sharing – a nice balance of infographics and focused info. I agree that Google knows alot, but for some strange reason I trust Google much more than Twitter and/or Facebook. Thanks again.

  • Hans

    Great article. As stated trust Google a lot more!
    Even whiles living in Europe.
    Also enjoy the advertisements they make life easier and also provide me with interesting things to read.
    So if the future brings Google knowing even more, I also know it’s the data I want to share with Google and where I know it’s at a trusted place.

  • Emory

    I love the way this is laid out so clearly but you guys are scaring me with the “trust Google” stuff 🙂

    • Rick Ramos

      Lol, you can always use duckduckgo.com, it’s a decent search engine.

  • Daniel Mihai Popescu

    Very logical 🙂
    We normally knew all that, and it’s still hard to believe how much of our privacy is invaded by Google or Facebook.
    With discretion and decency, one can avoid to be exposed in the highest degree.
    Relevant article, Rick Ramos, congratulations. Very nice illustrations as well 🙂

    • Rick Ramos

      If you don’t want to get tracked by Facebook, use their mobile website and not the app on your phone. Thanks for the kind works

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