20 Amazing Productivity Apps

I actually started to use a computer back in the 80’s with a Commodore 64. It might have been primitive by todays standards but at the time, it was pretty amazing. I had my first online experiences with that computer and had tons of fun.

Fast-forward to today and you have a computer in your pocket (smartphones) that has 16,000 times the RAM and a processor that blows the door of theĀ 1MHz processor that my first computer contained.

One of the reasons I love my smartphone (iPhone) is that it allows me to stay productive on the go. Here’s a great collection of productivity apps that will improve your productivity. Hopefully, you’ll find a few new gems with this list! (multi-platform list)

Source: Adecco.com


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  • Laura Nunemaker

    I’d add Trello to that list. It’s great for organizing your own personal work & for collaborating.

    • Rick Ramos

      Laura, it looks like a great tool. I’m going to download it today and play around with it.

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