Content Marketing

Imagine if you could:

  • Generate more leads, downloads and sales for your product or service
  • Improve your SEO and inbound links and create a company asset
  • Build brand awareness with your content
  • Lower your marketing cost of acquisition for new customers
  • Educate your present and future customers about your product

Indeed, you can do all this and more, and best of all, you can do it on a shoestring budget.

365 Writing Prompts

Packed with business blogging ideas to help you discover:

  • Over 365 business blog writing prompts
  • Short, actionable, one sentence prompts
  • Save hours over the course of a year
  • BONUS CONTENT – Power Words: 365 power words that strike a chord with everyone. Categories include: joy, comfort, greed, fear, lust, anger, and desire for the forbidden.

If you save just one hour in a year, what’s your time worth?

How to Blog

Over 70 tips on blogging successfully:

  • Actionable tips to improve your blog
  • Blogging traps to avoid
  • How to get more email signups
  • If you’re new to blogging or have years of experience, this book is for you!


  • Content marketing is the only way to become a true thought leader. This book provides all the fundamentals of how to think about, generate, distribute, and measure the results of great content. There is no substitute for a well-executed content marketing strategy, especially for B2B and SAAS businesses. Rick spells out everything you need to build a great content foundation.

    Peter Hamilton
    Peter Hamilton CEO /
  • I love Rick's delivery, his approach and the time he put into not only telling, but teaching with examples. The research and links he provided just saved me weeks of having to do the research myself. I will make this a must read for all of my students of
    Rick Barker
    Rick Barker Founder / The Music Industry Blueprint
  • Thinking about adding content marketing to your strategy? Want to know the best way to market your business? You need to read this book! Rick Ramos explains in simple terms why every company should incorporate these strategies to get ahead. He unravels the magic of content marketing and gives you a clear roadmap on how to drive sales and leads from your website.

    Scott Lynn
    Scott Lynn Founder and Chairman / Adknowledge
  • Rick has created a concise, step-by-step guide for marketers that explains how brands can create and leverage content to increase leads and generate sales. A must-read for any marketer navigating today's content-fueled media landscape.

    Steve Hall
    Steve Hall Editor and Publisher /
  • This book is about more than just content marketing. It’s about making your business become a part of the conversation. Through this book you learn how to inform your customers to make intelligent decisions. I think that every business should adopt the strategies that it outlines.

    Clark Landry
    Clark Landry Founder & COO / Maple Media
  • People many times approach Internet marketing from a technical angle but it’s really about people. Rick Ramos, in this book, breaks down using content to help market your business while helping to engage and educate your future customers. You’ll learn how to become a “thought leader” in your space and become a leader. These approaches are easy to implement by anyone with the desire, from a Forture 500 company to a single person startup.

    Dan Obegi
    Dan Obegi President and CEO / JeNu Biosciences
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