Social Media Management

I manage your social media and spark deep conversations with people spreading your message by word of mouth. This is accomplished through a few strategies including conversation response, advocacy & influencer campaigns, social advertising, follower growth programs, reputation management and social applications.

Content Marketing

I help B2B & B2C companies attract, convert and acquire customers through content development & strategy. Grow your business through proven inbound marketing techniques.

Public Relations

I understand the value of tying public relations, social media, digital and content strategies to company-wide business objectives. My strategies help drive technical companies through the colliding world of media and technology.

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  • How Bilingualism Can Enhance Your Career
    How Bilingualism Can Enhance Your Career

    My parents came to the U.S. from Cuba in 1960 and I grew up in a bilingual household from an early age. When I...

  • Crucial Skills for a Marketing Career
    Crucial Skills for a Marketing Career

    I’ve been working in marketing for over 18 years and love the field. It has a unique place in the business world because it’s...

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    Career Boost with a Business Degree

    Business interested me from a young age, so I always knew what I wanted to study in college. Every morning my older brother and...

  • Pinterest Marketing Mastery
    Pinterest Marketing Mastery

    I’m always amazed how much traffic you can get from Pinterest. It’s one of the best traffic sources for ecommerce sites, if you’re in ecommerce...


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